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A prayer?

It didn’t take long to write, but it expressed my heart perfectly.

Recently, as part of an exercise, I was asked to write out a prayer. The facilitator wanted us to be thoughtful…writing our prayers as did the psalmists and ancient believers. Here was my entry:

The road is barely visible
Covered by the dust of frantic inactivity
The remnant of miles traveled hopefully
Long ago.

What of great import drew me away?
Why was the road inadequate –
the destination re-routed?

The lure of significance?
The beauty of a throne?
The nobility of sacrifice or the promise of reward?

The road to joy remains unexplored.
Its destinations plural…its source, singular.

I need a Map.

It’s interesting what pours out of my heart when I take a few moments to examine it.  The noise in my life often drowns out what is actually important.

I’m grateful for the Map.

I just have to read it.




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